Yangon is the financial, business and political capital of Myanmar. Although administrative capital had moved to newly and hastily built Naypyidaw in central Myanmar, Yangon, with its 5 million plus people, largest port in the country, only true international airport, its beautiful colonial buildings, Shwedagon Pagoda, and country’s political icon Aung San Su Kyi, remains the most important city in the country. Any one who visits Yangon will be amazed at its lively streets, old but majestic read more

Night Life in Yangon

Night life in Yangon, for a foreigner, is quite dry and boring. Even for us who are long time residents of Yangon feel night life in Yangon is becoming more and more boring. There are very few bars and night clubs. Very few restaurants and tea shops open until midnight, due to government restrictions (in the past, many tea shops and restaurants open the whole night, especially in the China Town). Anyway, for those who have money, people still can enjoy a bit of night life, although one will feel read more

List of Death in Yangon New Year Bomb Blast

  1. Daw Ni Ni Thein, female, 67 year
  2. U Khin Maung Lay, male, 61 year
  3. Daw Htay Htay Yi, female, 45 year
  4. Ko Kyin Aung, male, 37 year
  5. Ma Thida Pyone, female, 35 year
  6. U Thant Zin Thein, male, 32 year
  7. Ko Aung Ko Ko Maung, male, 30 year
  8. Ko Soe Win, male, 24 year
Immediately seen after bomb blast in Yangon Thingyan
Immediately seen after bomb blast in Yangon Thingyan

Photo: Nyi Lynn Seck reproduced with permission

News from local media about Yangon Bomb Blast

A number of local news journals have published the accounts of the bomb blast in Yangon during Thingyan New Year Water Festival. Excerpts from Eleven News local media are translated here for our visitors.

“My father is a hundred-household chief (local administrative council member). On that day, he was working as a security at the Myanmar Medical Association Pandal around Kandawgyi Lake. He went there since 7 AM, came back home at 12 for lunch and went back again at 2 PM. Around 3, I heard two read more

Bomb Blast in Yangon Thingyan Killed Eight

Yangon Thingyan New Year Water Festival Bomb Blast
Yangon Thingyan New Year Water Festival Bomb Blast site

Photo: Nyi Lynn Seck reproduced with permission

Three bomb blasts rocked former capital Yangon (Rangoon) during the Thingyan Myanmar New Year celebration this afternoon. According to official MRTV (Myanmar Radio and Television) announcement this evening, three bombs blasted in front of X20 water pandal near Kandawgyi Lake in downtown Yangon (Rangoon) at around read more

Finding a house maid in Yangon

For foreigners to Myanmar, hiring a house maid is an important thing to do in Myanmar. Not only the house maid should be a skilled one, she should also be reliable and honest. Hiring a house maid in Myanmar is not as straight forward as you migh think, as there are no formal agencies to handle such kind of things. However, there are some informations available for you that would aid you in finding a good house maid in Myanmar.

The following suggestion and information assume that you are living read more

Supermarkets in Yangon

City Mart Supermarket YangonIf you are coming from neighboring countries of Myanmar, like Thailand, you would be really disappointed with the available supermarkets in Yangon (Rangoon). There are very few supermarkets in Yangon, compared to other Asian capitals. Moreover, most of these supermarkets in Myanmar quite small, and the available items are also very much limited.

The largest supermarket chain in Yangon and in Myanmar is the City Mart Supermarkets. It has more than ten centers in Yangon, read more

News: Face mask price rocketing in Yangon

After the announcement of the country’s first H1N1 influenza by the state media on Sunday, face mask price in Yangon suddenly increases dramatically. According to one of my friends who wrote “Face mask price skyrocketing in Yangon and even shortage. You will not find it easily as almost all clinics, hospitals and drug stors are out of stocks.

This is usual as public became suddenly panic. However, there is no need for panic as H1N1 is a mild influenza and there is no evidence read more

Yangon (Rangoon) International Airport

I still remember the first time I brought my girlfriend to Burma. As soon as she saw the Rangoon International Airport, she suddenly exclaimed “Oh, it is a temple in the airport”. It makes the Burmese passengers sitting in front of our seat into uncontrollable laughter.

Well, she was partly right. The Yangoon International Airport is a strange airport building. Its design and structure is the result of repeated, poorly planned renovations and constructions, mixed with poor maintenance. read more

Living in Yangon (Rangoon) as an expatriate

Karaweik, Yangon

Jeff B left a guest book entry in our guest book asking about living in Yangon (Rangoon) as a foreigner. We believe this is a question many foreigners coming and living to work in Yangon want to know. The following is a brief advice for living in Yangon as an expatriate.


This will usually be provided by your organization so there is no need to worry. However, if you need to hire a serviced apartment, there are only a few options. It is better to ask your organization to arrange the accommodation, read more