Night Life in Yangon

Night life in , for a foreigner, is quite dry and boring. Even for us who are long time residents of feel night life in is becoming more and more boring. There are very few bars and night clubs. Very few restaurants and tea shops open until midnight, due to government restrictions (in the past, many tea shops and restaurants open the whole night, especially in the China Town). Anyway, for those who have money, people still can enjoy a bit of night life, although one will feel it quite boring compared to that in neighbouring Thailand.

Night Market in Chinatown, Yangon, Myanmar

Night Market in Chinatown, Yangon, Myanmar

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For Simple Night

For those who just want to spend their night in a simple way, just head to China town. Even though not officially allowed to open beyond midnight, you can still find bustling night bazaar and roadside food stalls in China town. You can have nice and delicious Chinese food at a cheap price there and observe the local way of life in Chian town. China town in situated in downtown Yangon. Ask taxi driver to bring you to Latha Road, get off there and walk in the streets full of stalls and people.


There are many bars at hotels like Traders, Sedona, Summit Park View and many other high end hotels. In addition, there are also a few bars outside of these hotels. Especially famous bars are at Grand Mee Ya Htar Resident (on Bo Gyoke Aung San Road, near Trader’s Hotel, and 50th street bar (in 50th Street, downtown Yangon).

Night Clubs

There are a few clubs at Sedona Hotel, Park Royal Hotel, BME (beside Summit Park View Hotel) , Asia Plaza Hotel and Fomer BME(near Daw Aung San Su Kyi’s house). All clubs are red light zones (unofficial) where foreigners can hire  call girls at around US$ 30-50 per night.


There many Karaoke bars in Yangon. Most of them open all night long. Some are family friendly Karaokes but most are for men only. Usually, there are bar girls at these Karaokes who will come and sit with the customers. Most girls will not follow you (they are not strictly call lgirls), but you might be able to make an acquaintance with someone if you are looking for some companion while living in Yangon.

Be Careful

Most important thing is, don’t get drunk and don’t fight. When you call some girls to your hotel room, always keep passports, travel documents, money and any valuable thing safely under lock and key. There are a few cases where valuables are stolen. Remember one thing – prostitution is illegal in Myanmar.

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  1. L Oo
    February 21, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Where you got such awesome details? Self-experience? haha..

  2. Karel
    April 18, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    If you go out now you’ll find the night life much improved.
    There are some clubs open until 2/3 o’clock like DJ Bar and GRT/GTR. You do have to hang out with the posh crowd though, so that’s quite a downside. These two clubs dont have an entrance fee.

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